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Dream Catcher decor

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The Dream Catcher decor, Sweet Dreams Ahead !

Imagine drifting off to sleep each night in a room adorned with a Mesmerizing Dream Catcher decor. This stunning pack of five giant black and white dream catchers is more than just home decor: It's a symbol of hope and positivity that brings a Touch of magic and Wonder to any room.

Hang them in your bedroom or any other space where you want to create a Calming ambiance and let the magic of these dream catchers transport you to a world of Peaceful serenity.

The Dream Catcher decor pack is perfect for those looking to Enhance their space with unique and Beautiful pieces. Whether you're creating a Bohemian-inspired bedroom or a cozy reading nook, these dream catchers are sure to add a touch of elegance and charm to your decor.

 🤎 Come also discover the Brown Version 🤎


Why hang the Dream Catcher above my bed?

Dream Catchers were originally hung by Native Americans above the cradles of their newborns, and later above their own beds. Thus, the ideal location for a Dream Catcher is on the wall directly above your bed. This placement allows it to capture any negative dreams before they can enter your mind, ensuring peaceful and restful nights.


What is the pack composed of?

(x1) Circle of Life Dream Catcher :

  • Diameter of the circle: 20 cm / 7.87"
  • Total length : 65 cm / 25.6"

(x2) Native Amercian Circle Dream Catcher :

  • Diameter : 15 cm / 5.90"
  • Total length : 45 cm / 17.71"

(x2) Mandala Dream Catcher :

  • Diameter : 13 cm / 5.12"
  • Total length : 35 cm / 13.78"

The model shown is only a suggestion for presentation.

The Hanging branch and LED garlands are not included in the package.

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