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Big Dream Catcher for wall

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Big Dream Catcher for wall
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Big Dream Catcher for wall
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Big Dream Catcher for wall

Discover and adopt this Wonderful White Feather Dream Catcher, for Sweet nights guaranteed!
Synonym of Love, Purity and Peace, the White Dove Feather will reveal all these symbolisms through this Large Dream Catcher and its Multiple rings.

Hang it on the wall in your living room, bedroom or office and it will create the Sumptuous Bohemian decor you want!


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • White Dove Feathers (Natural origin ♻️)
  • Hand woven Wicker ring
  • White Quartz Beads

Total Length : 50 cm / 20"




Big White Dream Catcher for Wall

Envision a magnificent dream catcher that takes center stage in your space, a tapestry of dreams and inspiration. This dream catcher is a true work of art, featuring not one, but five exquisite rings, each with a story to tell.

The outermost ring, a vision of pristine white, signifies purity and simplicity. Its immaculate hue invites serenity into your surroundings, setting the stage for dreams to flourish. As your gaze moves inward, more rings come into view, each with its own unique symbolism.

The next ring embodies the spirit of protection, with an ethereal web that captures and preserves the positivity in the air. It serves as a guardian, ensuring that only the most uplifting energies grace your presence.

Deeper within, you'll find a ring that embodies the harmony of contrast, where delicate white feathers and beads take center stage. This is a reminder that life's beauty often arises from the interplay of light and shadow, a testament to the richness of our experiences.

Moving forward, the dream catcher reaches a ring symbolizing balance and equilibrium. Here, soft white feathers sway gracefully, symbolizing peace and harmony. They remind you that, in the midst of life's challenges and joys, it's essential to find your center and maintain inner balance.

Finally, at the heart of it all, the center ring cradles a single bead, a symbol of unity. It's a poignant reminder that amid life's diverse experiences, unity and harmony can always be found.

As you gaze upon this Big dream catcher for wall, you'll find yourself drawn into its intricate design, where each ring tells a story, and each feather whispers secrets of hope, protection, contrast, balance, and unity. It's more than just decoration, it's an invitation to dream, to reflect, and to connect with the profound mysteries of life.


After discovering this superb White Dream Catcher, let yourself be enchanted by this Big Dream Catcher. Imagine yourself surrounded by this giant dream catcher that celebrates life and connection with nature. Let its delicate threads and powerful symbol remind you of the importance of balance and spiritual growth! Immerse yourself in a universe where size knows no bounds with our Giant Dream Catcher collection. These imposing dream catchers match your desire for grandeur and your quest for spiritual elevation! Rejoice, for your spiritual journey reaches its peak with the Dream Catcher collection where each catcher is a centerpiece that will awaken your senses and open the doors to inner wisdom.

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