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Bear Dream Catcher

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The Bear Dream Catcher, the embodiment of Strength and Courage!

Strong, brave and wise, awaken the primitive instinct in you and honor this noble Dreamcatcher Giant and adorned with its Animal Totem Bear!

Hang this splendid piece of craftsmanship in your bedroom or living room and impose your authority with this strong image. Dazzle yourself in front of these Authentic feathers, its soft and light lace, the whole sublimated by a harmonious and Balanced pattern. It is simply the perfect accessory for a successful bohemian decoration!


Details of the Bear Dream Catcher


  • Vegetable fiber fabric
  • Feathers of natural origin ♻️
  • Semi-precious mineral beads (Quartz, Obsidian)
  • High quality digital printing canvas:


The pigment ink and UV ink offer a quality of printing hitherto unmatched. This process perfectly restores colors and forms for a rendering of a sharpness


Dimension : 75 cm / 29.52"



Discover the Majesty of Nature with the Bear Dream Catcher

Your Bear Dream Catcher is a captivating tribute to the wilderness, designed to bring the enchantment of the forest into your space. This striking creation features three solid black hoops, each with its own unique significance and symbolism.

At the top, a large hoop takes center stage, adorned with brown laces that cradle a magnificent Bear tapestry. The bear, a symbol of strength, courage, and connection to nature, wanders through a dense forest. Its presence is a reminder of the Wild spirit within us and the importance of respecting the natural world.

Just below, a medium-sized hoop boasts a cream web with a brown bead at its heart. This bead represents balance, grounding, and the need to stay connected to our roots. It serves as a constant reminder of the harmony and stability we seek in our lives.

Underneath, the smallest hoop echoes the medium hoop, maintaining the cream web, brown bead, and a set of black laces. These laces are thoughtfully adorned with black and white beads, symbolizing the duality and contrast we encounter in life. Cream and brown feathers gracefully accompany these elements, enhancing the dream catcher's rustic charm.

Why Choose Our Bear Dream Catcher?

Selecting this Bear Dream Catcher is an invitation to immerse yourself in the majesty of nature. The powerful bear tapestry within the large hoop transports you to the heart of the forest, awakening your connection to the wild and untamed aspects of life. The cream web with a brown bead in both the medium and small hoops acts as a constant reminder of the balance and grounding needed to maintain stability in our lives. The combination of black and white beads, along with the cream and brown feathers, symbolizes the duality of life's experiences and the strength that comes from embracing both sides. If you wish to honor the Spirit of the bear and invite the wilderness into your surroundings, our Bear Dream Catcher is the perfect choice to celebrate the majesty of nature.

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