Native American Dream Catcher

You dream of finally being able to offer yourself a calmer and more prosperous sleep, you are desperately looking for an original and chic gift for a loved one, good dreams or simply to find THE touch that will make your decoration unique and trendy?

You are in the right place!

Here you will discover a wide selection of Indian Dreamcatchers from the most traditional to the most original, obviously including colorful and unique models. 🦉


The Native American Dream Catcher, a Chic and Bohemian selection!

Whether you are looking for a colorful or Traditional dream catcher, with real Indian feathers, under the protection of a tree of life or a Macrame Dream Catcher, you will surely find what you are looking for in this superb selection! Each handmade dream catcher is unique.

Whether it is by its shape, its color, the weaving techniques used... There is something for everyone! So if you are a lover of bohemian decoration, an enthusiast of the Dream Catcher universe, or an admirer of the Native American culture, you will surely find your happiness. 

Originally, the Indian dream catcher protected the children of Native American tribes from bad dreams at night. According to the myth, they were first woven by the Spider woman, hence the spider web-like justify. The women of the tribe then began to make their own dream catchers for their newborns and the tradition continued. 

Nowadays, the Dream Catcher symbol is known worldwide. It is synonymous with peace, prosperity, and security. It has been adopted by many households but is often used as a simple interior decoration.


The Traditional Indian Dreamcatcher: the choice of craftsmanship, the choice of quality

Despite a more decorative than mystical attribution in our modern society, we pay special attention to protecting the heritage originally passed down by Native American cultures.

Thus, all of our suppliers, their materials and design methods are strictly selected to be as close as possible to the Ancient traditions.

Why choose an Indian Dreamcatcher? 

The dream catchers are creations made to last in time. These handcrafted products are much more resistant than normal. They can occupy a major place in your bohemian decor. These wall hangers are sometimes the very essence of a room, it is simply the charming asset that is sometimes missing in some people.

So whether in an office, living room, or bedroom, your Indian Dreamcatcher is an essential accessory to transform your decoration and create a unique atmosphere!


Native American Dreamcatcher Meaning

Native American Dreamcatchers have a profound Spiritual history and significance. According to Native American traditions, these Sacred objects are hung above beds to filter dreams, allowing good dreams to pass through the woven webbing while capturing and dissipating bad dreams with the first rays of the sun.

Each element of the Native American Dreamcatcher holds symbolic meaning. The circular hoop represents unity and infinity, symbolizing the cycle of life. The woven webbing inside the hoop is believed to capture dreams and aspirations. Beads, feathers, and other hanging ornaments represent symbols of protection, wisdom, strength, and spiritual connection.

Our Native American Dreamcatchers are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, using Natural materials such as wood, feathers, beads, and durable threads. Each piece is created with deep respect and admiration for tradition, preserving the authenticity of Native American craftsmanship.

Whether you seek a meaningful decorative object or a protective talisman, our Native American Dreamcatchers will infuse your living space with history and spirituality. They also make unique and significant gifts to commemorate special occasions or share a deep connection with loved ones.


Authentic Indian dream catcher, colored or feathered 🪶

Each Dreamcatcher is unique, so whether it's for a special occasion, to add a Bohemian touch to your stay, with exotic feathers, or to make your entourage glow with color, this selection will surely bring you everything you are looking for!

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of this culture from elsewhere. Make sure you have a softer, more restful sleep while giving your decor a new lease on life. The promise of nights placed under the sign of appeasement and more radiant days!