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Theme: TREE

Style: Pastoral

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Organic Material

Brand Name: CPZMR

Pink Tree of Life Mini Car Dream Catcher Beaded Natural Feathers Handcraft Chic Hanging Ornaments Mirror Room Bedroom Wall Decor

Ring diameter:7cm

A mysterious gift from the primitive tribe...
The origin of the dreamcatcher
Capturethe fantasy of dreams, make nightmares disappear when first ray of sunshine arise in the morning, that is the legendary of dreamcatcher - with a few exotic style,it is the blessing from ancient indians in North America.
Dreamcatcher originated in the 18th century, Indians hang it outside the family home. They believe that dreams floatedwerefull of fantasy,and the wisdom of the ancestors was in the night air, there are good and bad dreams but dreamcatcher can filter it, then only beautiful dreams can enter into our dreamland.
Traditional dreamcatcher was weaved into a circle by branches, then wraped around the circle with leather, using beef tendon line in circle a net. occasionally ,there are some colorful beads tied on the beef tendon line,feathers are hanged on the end of the circle. there is a round hole in the middle of the net , it is said that only good dreams can go through the hole, and flowing down along the feathers,but nightmares will be trapped in the net, and ashes disappeared without a trace when the first sunshine arised the next morning.
The symbol of dream catchers:
Net -power
Feather-The invisible roads leading to the dream
Shell- Emotion, protect
Beads - dream
Glass balls - creative, magic, shift
wood - Growth
wood - Growth
One circle- capability
Two circles - balance
Three circles - physical, mental and soul
If you want to catch a dream but don't have a dreamcatcher, simply, a book said that as long as you hanging a dreamcatcher in your hearts, wake up a little bit earlier every day, sapre a few minutes, lying in bed, quietly back to last night's dream, the dream will naturally emerged. Both in reality or dreamcatcher in heart, they all carry a yearning for a better dream,it is a kind of spiritual, beautiful and colorful dreamcatchers brought people more and more fine wishes. I hope you can give it to yourself or a most dear friends with blessing: good person good dream!
Dream catcher carries you good dreams!
Native American Feather Dream Catcher car home hanging
2016 New Design Handmade car home hanging dream catcher decoration with feather indian crafts free shipping

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