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dream catcher kit

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Boho dream catcher kit


Are you ready to impress your loved ones? Show them what you can make with your hands ! 

This Kit will learn you how to make a Large boho dream catcher with everything you'll need in. 


  • Radiant ! Colored pearls, Feathers et threads 🌈
  • Organic Material, Eco-friendly materials ♻️
  • Very strong materials
  • Easy, Safe and Fast ! With our step by step guide (Gift 🎁)


Dimensions :  

- Diameter : 11 cm

- Total Length : ~40 cm  

Our teams have heard you ! That's why we've prepared this Kit especially for you, containing different materials that fit together perfectly.

So when do we start?

What does this Boho kit contains? 


White, Purple and Black cotton threads

- Many colored beads 💙💜🤍

- Fumigated feathers 🪶

- Iron ring, Diameter : 11 cm


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