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Homemade Dreamcatcher

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The Homemade DreamCatcher, perfect for a Bohemian decoration !


You want to end this difficult sleep and finally bring calm and serenity to your nights? Then this Homemade Dream Catcher is the one for you !

The dream catcher is often declined in many forms, colors and aspects. Here, we discover it in its simplest form, without removing the charm of its Bohemian side !



  • Designed entirely by hand
  • Natural Pheasant Remige 
  • Semi-precious materials (Howlite, Onyx pearl and Jasper stone)
  • Dimension : About 17"


A unique piece of craftsmanship! 

Our specialists are trained to design unique pieces according to North American ancestral rites.


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✨ Available in 5 colors! See other models ✨