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Dreamcatcher Navajo

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The DreamCatcher Navajo, The choice of Originality !


Do you dream of bringing calm and serenity to your nights? Then this Handmade Dream Catcher is perfect for you! 

At present, there are many variations of the dream catcher: according to its shape, its color or the materials used. Here, we present it in its most classic form ! However, it keeps all the charm of its boho side. 



  • Fully manual design
  • Natural Pheasant Feather 
  • Semi-precious materials (Jasper Stone, Howlite and Onyx Pearl) 
  • Dimension : About 17"

A unique know-how! 

Our craftsmen carefully make each piece in order to respect the ancient North American Indian traditions


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✨ Available in 5 colors! See other models ✨

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