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Authentic Handcrafted DreamCatcher

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The Authentic Handcrafted DreamCatcher, THE perfect Native American decoration!


Do you want to put an end to nocturnal troubles and bring prosperity to your nights? This Handmade Purple Dreamcatcher is for you!

Over the years, the dream catcher has come in many different colors and shapes. We present it here in one of the most classic forms, without taking away all its charm!



  • Designed entirely by hand
  • Natural pheasant feather 
  • Semi-precious materials (Jasper stone, Onyx pearl and Howlite) 
  • Dimension : About 17"


An unequalled know-how! 

These unique handicrafts are designed by specialists to recreate as faithfully as possible these Native American talismans that fascinate so much. 


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✨ Available in 5 colors! See other models