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Are you tired of restless nights and desperate to get back to a calm and prosperous sleep?

Don't panic! Thanks to your Handmade Dreamcatcher, you will sleep well and transform your drowsiness into a real restful sleep.




The Handmade Dreamcatcher, The guarantee of quality! 👋

If you are looking for a real Dreamcatcher made with noble materials and entirely handcrafted, you are at the right place!

We pay special attention to the materials we select in order to design the catchers according to the rites and traditions of our Native American ancestors.

The artisans who design the sensors are truly passionate. When you buy a handmade dream catcher, you are not only paying for its manufacture, but also for hundreds of thousands of hours spent to perfect the manufacturing techniques.




A unique Craftsmanship ✔️

By choosing Handmade Dreamcatcher, you contribute to maintain the transmission of a unique know-how.

Each DreamCatcher is made according to a handcraft that has been passed down for generations. That's why each piece is exclusive, you have the guarantee that no one else has an exact replica !

The design of handmade objects is above all the transmission of a passion and unique skills. Often, this translates into the uniqueness of the piece.



Know your product better

A handcrafted production brings a link of proximity between the buyer and the creator. Maison de l'Attrape-rêve, a business on a human scale, relies on a total transparency in the selection of our materials, the assembly and the transport of our products.

This note is very dear to us, because it allows us to create stronger links and closer to our customers




A more durable asset over time

The choice of the handmade is the choice of the perennial. Some will say that they prefer to buy something cheap in order to save a little more. But the cheaper goods are consumable, they degrade quickly over time and in the end, they are changed!

Choosing more expensive parts is a long term effect. That is to say that you will change your Dreamcatcher only when you want to change your decor !




A reduced carbon footprint ♻️

Having a unique piece, with quality materials and that resists in time is very good. But reducing your impact on the environment is great, right?

Indeed, turning to DreamCatcher made by artisans is also supporting local communities while fighting against the usual consumption cycle pushing us to buy more and more and replace our broken objects with new ones.




But where do the DreamCatchers come from?

Still Today, there are a good number of divergences and myths concerning the creation of Dreamcatchers. However, we can affirm that their appearance goes back to the XVIIIth century, more particularly within the Amerindian tribes which populated the current North America 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦




How do I use my Dreamcatcher ?

The Native American Indians used to place their DreamCatchers over the cradle of newborns. In this way, bad dreams of the kid were captured in the web before reaching his mind. As for the good ones, slid along the feathers to feed the dreams of the young sleeper. 

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